Inspired and guided by our tradition of tzedakah (righteousness/charity) and tikkun olam (repairing the world), the Jewish Federation’s Women’s Philanthropy is dedicated to the continuity, connectivity and thriving future of our Charlotte Jewish community, Israel and the Jewish people.

We seek to provide significant opportunities for all women to affirm their Jewish identity and spirituality, to be proactive in evolving issues of concern to contemporary Jewish women, to engage new cadres of participants and leaders in our community and to inspire other Jewish women by example.

It’s easy to look at others and think how lucky they are, and sometimes finding the positives in our own lives can be hard. Success is often measured in tangible ways, and as we strive to achieve more and get more, we forget that it’s often the simple things that can bring us the most joy. After reading about how expressing gratitude for the little things can be incredibly powerful and affect our lives in profound ways, Janice Kaplan decided to spend a year living gratefully and find out whether being grateful really does offer a new path to happiness.

Please join us on Wednesday, September 11, as we welcome bestselling writer and television personality Janice Kaplan, author of The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life. Janice will share her year long quest to live a more fulfilling and happy life and will include research results from psychologists, doctors, and academics that highlight how gratitude can transform one’s health, marriage, family life, and work.

This event will take place at 7 PM in the Sam Lerner Center for the Cultural Arts. Tickets bought in advance of September 4 will cost $18 which will include appetizers, fruit, and drinks (wine, tea, and lemonade). This event is open to all women and there is no minimum gift requirement to attend. This event is intended to be a warm, cheerful, and inclusive event to welcome all Jewish women in our community and help us kickoff the Women’s Philanthropy calendar.

The program is sponsored by the Jewish Federation’s Women’s Philanthropy and co-chaired by Melanie Brown and Lyba Rousso. The Gratitude Diaries will be for sale prior to the event in the Federation office. For further information, contact Ilana Toch, 704-944-6784;

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